To ship your shipment from Location A to Location B, it’s necessary that you just get your customs clearance done on each side. As the name suggests, this service provided by your customs broker is named Customs House Brokerage.

To ship your Cargo seamlessly across the planet to your customers, it’s necessary that you’re well-versed with customs procedures, practices and formalities. Our Customs House Brokerage services will assist you with the complexities of border controls and customs laws. For import and export cargos at each origin and destination reach us today.

Import Customs Clearance

A government requirement to gain release of inbound cargo that involves the clearing of goods through customs borders and territories.

Export Customs Clearance

A government requirement to gain permission to load an outbound vessel, for exporters shipping outside of their trade zone.

Customs Transit Documentation

Allows customs clearance formalities to take place at the destination point rather than at the point of entry into the customs territory.